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Seasonal Decor & Offerings

Check out our seasonal products. Blue Grass Nursery, Sod and Garden Centre provides many different seasonal elements to complement spring, summer, fall and winter. Your yard and garden can be your canvas at any time of the year, made especially fun during festive holidays and events. Make sure to check back and see our seasonal offerings at Blue Grass or what you should be planning for in upcoming seasons!

Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants CalgaryIndoor plants are great for adding colour and life to your home or office. Plants are great for cleaning the air of many toxins and chemicals that are in our homes. We carry seasonal flowering, cactus, succulents, bonsai, herbs, fairy garden plants, floor standing and small shelf plants. Most indoor plants will thrive in average room temperature and receive bright indirect light. Some low light species are available. Come by today and speak with one of our tropical plant experts and they can help you select the best plant for you and your environment.


Fountains for Sale  Calgary Garden StoreBlue Grass has a huge selection of fountains to choose from, you can surely find something to suit any space. Fountains are amazing for adding sound and movement into your space and can be used indoors or outdoors. Fountains are also made out of many different types of materials and come in any design imaginable. Let us help you add a feature to your home or garden with the addition of a fountain. Fountains make a great gift!

Terrariums and Miniature Gardens

Terrariums and miniature gardensTerrariums and miniature gardens are a small, simple, stylish and fun way of adding some green to any space. Terrariums are small containers, typically glass, that contain small plants and other decorative pieces like seashells, bark, rock, etc. Miniature Gardens are an open container planted with small plants and containing small figurines like fairies to create a small world for our imaginations. These also both make fantastic gifts or are a great way of introducing children to gardening. Lots of creativity and imagination can be used when building your very own Terrarium or Miniature Garden. We also sell them pre-made for anyone wanting to pick one up.